What's New in 2019?

Well... A lot!


First of all, have you noticed? My site- and my social media pages- have all had a little makeover.


A lot of things are being tweaked this year, plus I'm adding a whole bunch of new and different things as well. I'm super excited to bring you new updates on my WIP's, at least two new series' for my blog, poetry book updates as I get closer to publishing book #2 and so much more.


To learn more about what's new- and keep up to date throughout the year- make sure to check out my blog posts. They go up on 10th and 25th of every month. In my first blog post of the year on Jan 10th, I gave you the low down on my goals and some of the changes you can expect from me in 2019.


I can't wait to get started. Let's do this!


Giveaway Time!!!

Are you ready for a giveaway? I know I am!

To celebrate my progress since making writing a priority, and the growth of my platform, I want to give back to you guys for all your love and support along the way.


Giveaway #1: A signed copy of Just a Thought, my first poetry book.

Giveaway #2: A signed copy of Kristen Martin's Be Your Own #Goals.

Giveaway #3: A one-of-a-kind, handcrafted candle with poem quotes, made with love, by me!


All giveaways are now closed and prizes have been sent to the winners.

Thanks to everyone who entered my first giveaways!


Just A Thought

AUGUST, 2012

My first book and my most cherished work, Just a Thought is an inside look at the inner workings of my mind. A collection of 100 poems, mostly written throughout my teen years, it covers loss, love, friendship and finding ones self.


"One thing nobody can do better than you, is be you."



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